Montana Ballparks: 8 Stadiums Baseballs Fans Should See

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Last Updated: March 15th, 2023 by Jake Cain

Supporters of professional and amateur baseball alike will find Montana to be an exciting destination!

In addition to Division I collegiate teams and an independent Minor League team, Montana’s stadiums are home to several American Legion baseball teams.

These amateur teams, comprised of 13 to 19-year-olds, have a rich history of encouraging sportsmanship, good citizenship, and athletic growth for close to 100 years.

So whether you’re looking for the excitement of Minor League play or the joy of watching young athletes growing into their skills, Montana’s ballparks are not-to-be-missed destinations.

Centene Stadium

Centene Stadium is a historic baseball stadium located in Great Falls, Montana. It was built in 1940 and has been the home field of the Great Falls Voyagers’ independent Minor League baseball team for many years.

The stadium is named after the Centene Corporation, which paid for the naming rights to the field. With a seating capacity of 4,000 people, Centene Stadium is a great place to catch a game and enjoy the beautiful Montana scenery.

This stadium has been a staple in the Great Falls community for over 80 years and has undergone several renovations to maintain its charm while still providing fans with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

With its beautiful setting, friendly atmosphere, and exciting games, it’s no wonder so many people choose to spend their summer days at this historic ballpark.

Dehler Park

Dehler Park is a multi-use stadium located in Billings, Montana. It is primarily used for baseball and is the home of the Billings Mustangs of the independent Pioneer League and the Montana State University Billings Yellowjackets.

The stadium has a capacity of 3,071 game guests, but with a standing room only, it can hold up to 6,000 people. The park was named after Billings businessman Jon Dehler, who purchased the naming rights in 2007 to honor his father, Billy Joe Dehler.

Dehler Park was built to replace Cobb Field, which had been a fixture in Billings since the 1930s. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on March 22, 2007, and the park opened on June 29, 2008.

However, Dehler Park still has part of Cobb Field included, as a section down the right field line includes some of the same bench seating used at the old stadium.

In addition to the over 2,500 individual seats, there are two grass-berm areas for picnic seating. Patrons can walk around the entire field thanks to an outfield terrace, which is also home to those who buy a standing-room-only ticket.

Kindrick Field

Kindrick Legion Field is a historic baseball park located in Helena, Montana. The stadium was originally built in 1932 and has been a staple in the Helena community for nearly a century.

With a seating capacity of 2,100, it serves as the home field for three American Legion teams: the Senators, Reps, and Independents.

Legion Field was also previously the home of the Helena Brewers Minor League Baseball team. However, the team left after the 2018 season.

Regardless, the stadium remains a popular destination for baseball fans and continues to host games and events throughout the year both for locals and tourists!

Ogren Park at Allegiance Field

Ogren Park at Allegiance Field is a beautiful stadium located in Missoula, Montana. It is a modern facility that was built in 2004 and has a seating capacity of 3,500 people. The stadium is primarily used for baseball games and is the home field of the Missoula PaddleHeads of the Pioneer League. The park replaced Lindbord-Cregg Field and has become a popular destination for baseball fans in the area.

The field dimensions at Ogren Park are well-suited for baseball, with a left-field line of 309 feet, a center field of 398 feet, and a right-field line of 287 feet.

The right field line also features a 27-foot high wall, adding an extra challenge for players and excitement for fans!

3 Legends Stadium

3 Legends Stadium is a baseball stadium located in Butte, Montana. It opened its doors in 2017 and has since been the home of American Legion baseball and the Mining City Tommyknockers of the Expedition League.

This stadium is named after three long-time supporters of American Legion baseball in Butte and the playing field is named Miners Field.

In October 2020, plans were announced to upgrade the stadium to enhance the fan experience.

The seating capacity would increase from 470 to 1,300, with the addition of bleachers, a VIP seating area, a 200-300 person party deck in left field, a hot tub section in centerfield, and a children’s play area with a zip-line.

However, in April 2021, the county commissioners rejected the hot tub idea due to liability concerns.

Despite this setback, the stadium is still set to receive a number of exciting upgrades that will make it a must-visit destination for baseball fans in Butte and beyond!

Alumni Coliseum

Bob Green Field at Alumni Coliseum

Alumni Coliseum is a 2,000-seat college football stadium located on the campus of Montana Technological University in Butte, Montana.

The stadium is the home of the NAIA Montana Tech Orediggers and is officially named Bob Green Field at Alumni Coliseum. It’s also known for its beautiful location and state-of-the-art facilities.

In 2013, a new artificial turf field was installed and named after legendary Montana Tech football coach Bob Green.

The playing field is aligned north-northeast to south-southwest, at an approximate elevation of 5,700 feet above sea level.

This makes Alumni Coliseum one of the most unique stadiums in the western United States, offering a unique playing experience for both players and fans alike.

Cobb Field

Cobb Field was a historic baseball park located in Billings, Montana. It was originally named Athletic Park and opened its doors as Cobb Field on May 4, 1948, after undergoing renovations.

The stadium was named after Bob Cobb, who was responsible for bringing the Billings Mustangs, the Pioneer League Rookie Affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, to the city. The Mustangs called Cobb Field home from 1948 to 2007 and it also hosted home games for local American Legion baseball teams.

In addition to hosting the Mustangs, Cobb Field also welcomed the re-formed NCAA baseball team from nearby Montana State University Billings in 2006.

From March to May, home games were played at the field, making it a hub of baseball activity in the city during the spring months.

Despite its rich history and significance to the local community, Cobb Field was eventually replaced and closed its doors in 2007. Nevertheless, it remains a beloved and cherished part of Billings’ baseball history.

Lindborg-Cregg Field

Lindborg-Cregg Field is a stadium located in the heart of Missoula, Montana. With a seating capacity of 2,200, it is a cozy and intimate venue for baseball fans.

The stadium is primarily used for baseball games and is the home of the Missoula Mavericks, an American Legion Baseball team. As well, it was the home of the Missoula Osprey prior to the opening of Ogren Park at Allegiance Field in 2004.

The atmosphere at Lindborg-Cregg Field is electric, with fans filling the stands to cheer on their favorite team. The stadium is well-maintained, with a lush green playing field and comfortable seating for fans.