Truist Park Guide – Where to Park, Eat, and Get Cheap Tickets

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Last Updated: September 6th, 2023 by Jake Cain

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Home of the 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves, Truist Park might not actually be anywhere near downtown Atlanta, but it’s a beautiful stadium that is a hit with folks from Fulton County, Cobb County, and beyond! With great views, classy decor, delicious food, and a popular team, Truist has quickly risen through the ranks to become a fan favorite.

It will take you a while to get there, but once you do, you’ll be a happy baseball fan.

Suntrust Park

The Fans Seem to Love the New Park!

Things You Shouldn’t Miss

  • ​Outstanding southern flavors, homages to team history, and comfortable seating in this popular new park!
  • Hank Aaron and 30 other past stars are honored all over the park, especially in Monument Garden by home plate (Lower Level, Section 125), a free area with cool memorabilia from all eras of Braves history. (They even have Sid Bream’s knee brace!)
  • The Georgia Power Pavilion is worth arriving early for too, with free concerts, a dance team, Braves-related contests, and a genuine community feel! The space includes Truist Park Kids Zone which has games, a rock-climbing wall, a zipline, carnival games and more, all for free on Sundays ($1 tokens are available on all other days). Kids 4-14 also run the bases free on Sundays.
  • Also on Sundays, Braves alumni are at the Georgia Power Pavilion signing free autographs and doing a Q+A session.
  • The Battery Atlanta has also become a true part of the experience, with a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and shopping right next to the park.
  • Don’t miss checking traffic updates on the day of the game so you can prepare!

Ways To Save Money

  • Keep in mind that Truist has become a 100% cashless venue, so bring your cards for food, apparel and any other goodies (there are four locations in the stadium to convert cash to a card if need be)
  • Take Uber instead of parking. Click here to get a free ride
  • Stay close by and walk to the stadium. Click here to see our favorite hotel near Truist Park.
  • Click here to save $5 on last minute Braves tickets with the Gametime App
  • After every Friday night game, a free fireworks show!

If you’re going to drive, then you need to park. Try reserving a parking spot ahead of time with SpotHero. Thank us later.

Truist Park parking lots are managed by LAZ Parking and passes can be purchased for parking online, over the phone, or at the ticket windows at the ballpark.

With an established contending team, the Braves are now a hot ticket, so let SeatGeek help you out for big weekend games and promo nights before they sell out.

Fans can bring in their own food and drink if they want to save money (make sure to bring everything in a clear plastic bag!), but it’s worth trying the great Southern flavors available!

Arriving at Truist Park

Alternative/Public Transportation to a Braves Game

The CobbLinc #10 and Rapid #10 buses leave seven days a week from Arts Center MARTA station and take you within a 10 minute walk of the stadium. Not a popular option in the car-focused city, but a surprisingly easy trip! The #12 MARTA bus also leaves from Midtown Station and gets you to Cumberland Mall where you can connect with the free green or blue Cumberland Circular Shuttle to reach the field. 

Public Transport SunTrust

The Circulator Connects Nearby Hotels and Restaurants Along Its Path

If those public transportation options sound too complicated, you can always consider Uber as a fast and easy way to get to Truist. The Braves have actually set up an Uber stand near the park just for this purpose. If you’ve never used Uber before, get your first ride free!

Uber for Suntrust Park

Utilize the Uber Stand for Easier Pick-Up

Driving to a Braves Game

The Braves have had no choice but to accept that traffic is a part of the Truist experience. Always check your ticket time and plan ahead to get there for the first pitch.

​The Braves currently operate 19 parking lots, offering over 14,000 spots! There are ton of lots with a wide range of prices based on location.

A-List Parking: these parking lots, closest to the stadium, ​are only for Braves season ticket holders and select fans (including handicapped fans).

  • Delta Deck
  • Orange Deck
  • Braves Lot 9
  • Braves Lot 11

Super Shuttle Parking: ​These are the cheaper parking lots, and there are lots of free shuttles operated by the Braves, so this is the route to go to save money.

  • Braves Lot East 47
  • Braves Lot East 50
  • Braves Lot East 52
  • Braves Lot East 51 (select games only)
  • Braves Lot South 65 (select games only)
Parking for Suntrust Park

The Braves Offer​ Parking in the Area, with Cheaper, Distant Options via Shuttle

​​The Braves Offer​ Parking in the Area, with cheaper, more distant options via Shuttle. ​​If you haven’t planned ahead, you can take a chance with the first-come-first-served pay lots. These lots accept cards on the spot, and the prices range isn’t too high.

  • Braves Lot North 29
  • Braves Lot East 31
  • Braves Lot East 35
  • Braves Lot East 41
  • Braves Lot East 43

You can remove some of the uncertainty that comes with driving to a new ballpark by purchasing parking spaces ahead of time.

SpotHero offers guaranteed game-day parking reservations and has a few options within walking distance of the park. Click on the game you’re headed to in the window below to get started.

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Best Food At & Near Truist Park

Save Money on Food

Food can be brought in on its own, but coolers are prohibited.

No glass or cans, and no individual beverages over a gallon. Beverages must be sealed, and no alcohol is allowed.

Tailgating is currently suspended, but hopefully re-opening in the N29 parking lot again soon!

Food You Shouldn’t Miss at Truist Park

While there was some uncertainty about whether the food at the new park would strike-out, it seems that there are enough options to cover all the bases and satisfy any fan. Truist has taken advantage of the edgy and thriving food scene in Atlanta to bring some higher end fare out to the park, while making sure to stay true to ​the deep South’s regional flavors. Prices are reasonable for a ballpark, and foodies will be solidly satisfied.

1. Taste of Braves Country: throughout the park, venues will feature tastes of all the regions of the South. 

  • Alabama Fried Tomahawk Pork Chops at Braves Big Bites in Section 113
  • Mississippi Blackened Catfish Po’ Boy Tacos are found at the Taco Factory in Section 151
  • North Carolina Hog BBQ is at Smokey Q in Sections 113 and 343
  • South Carolina is represented at 1871 Grille in Section 141
  • Nashville Hot Chicken at the Fry Box in Section 320​

2. ​Fox Bros BBQ: ​One of the hottest BBQ joints in one of the country’s best BBQ cities, Fox Bros provides the flavors the city has grown to love. Brothers Just and Jonathan offer a variety of specials designed to complement the beers on tap next door at the Terrapin Taproom.

Fox Bros BBQ Atlanta
Terrapin Taproom Atlanta

Fox Bros BBQ and Terrapin Taproom work together to represent Atlanta’s best flavors

3. ​Terrapin Taproom: ​Atlanta favorite Terrapin Taproom makes a variety of great beers in house, and is open to the park on game days and out to the street when the Braves are out of town. Their in-house “brew lab” offers new and seasonal flavors, all designed to pair well with Fox Bros BBQ.

4. Waffle House in Section 311 with waffles, hash browns and other classic breakfast treats.

5. H&F Burger for cheeseburgers, fries and more near the lawn of Battery Atlanta.

6. Lots of healthy options as well with veggie options, salads, grilled chicken, gluten-free options, fresh fruit bowls and more.

7. If you’re feeling adventurous (and have no existing heart problems), you can attempt to eat the Burgerizza, a 20-ounce patty with five slices of cheddar and bacon on a bun made of two eight-inch pepperoni pizzas.

Truist Park Seating Chart

Truist Park Stadium scaled

We’ve created the seating chart of Truist Park above to help you better understand some of our recommendations below. Feel free to download this image and use it, we just ask that you credit Ballpark Savvy and link back to the page where you found the image.

Cheap Braves Tickets

The Braves use dynamic ticket pricing, and if you keep an eye on things, you can get a great deal by selecting midweek games or contests against less popular opponents. Game times are 7:20PM for weeknights, 12:10PM for weekday games, 1:20PM on Sundays, and 4:10PM on Saturdays.

Some general rules and strategies for getting the best deals on tickets. ​

1. Compare 3rd Party Sites

SeatGeek is a big time ticket comparison site that lets you compare a bunch of different ticket brokers, marketplaces, etc. and find the best price for the game you want to go to. They also have a tool that projects whether ticket prices will go up or down – AKA whether you should buy now or wait.

  • SeatGeek
  • Load more

Click here to view Braves tickets on SeatGeek.

2. Buy Last Minute 

If you’ve bought tickets online before, you’ve heard of StubHub. What you may not know however is that with the rise of print-at-home and tickets on your mobile phone via the Ballpark App that you can usually buy tickets right up to a couple of hours before game time.

Save $5 On Last Minute Tickets: I recently learned about the Gametime app and it’s legit. Save BIG on last minute tickets. Click here to get the app and you’ll get $5 off your first order.

As someone who has sold a fair share of tickets on StubHub, I also know that sellers are encouraged to set a declining price for their tickets. This means they’ll set a starting price and then their lowest acceptable price, and StubHub will auto-magically lower the price of those tickets as the event date gets closer. 

So in many cases, a game that isn’t sold out will have plenty of below face value deals on StubHub that you can snatch at the last minute and then either print at home, or just use the App on your phone to get scanned into the game. 

Suntrust Park

Ground Level Seating Puts You Right in the Action!

3. Avoid Craigslist

It’s not to say that you can’t find ticket deals on Craigslist, you can. It is just more of a peace of mind, safety issue. I’m a Craigslist kind of guy, but I also know it’s easy to get screwed buying baseball tickets there. If you do go this route, you’ll also have to do an electronic ticket transfer, which can be somewhat difficult if you’re not, particularly tech savvy.

Remember when I mentioned selling on StubHub? When you list tickets there, all you need to know is the barcode number from that ticket along with the other details on section, row, etc. – So when I sell tickets I never mail them to the buyer, they just print them at home and my actual tickets become void.

If I was a shady character, I could go sell those void tickets to an unsuspecting buyer on Craigslist for cash. The tickets look real, they are “real” in a sense – but what that buyer will find out is when they go to enter the stadium, the ticket scanner will say “thou shalt not enter thy game.” Don’t be that buyer.

Stick to buying tickets from SeatGeek, StubHub, or directly from the team. You can still get deals and you never have to worry about being scammed.

Best Value Seats at Truist Park

With a park as new as Truist, there aren’t any terrible seats. Instead, it’s a matter of bang for your buck. Tickets are reasonably priced compared to bigger cities, but there are two experiences worth thinking about.

First, many fans have recommended shelling out for the tickets to sections 156-160, which are in the Coors Light Chophouse. A holdover from Turner, the Chophouse is a Braves fan favorite, and seats in this section have access to excellent concessions and great views on three seating levels.

Second, Vista Level seats (312-347) are a great deal, with excellent energy, cheaper prices, and perfect sight lines.

On the other hand, many have felt that the Terrace Level seats (210-248) aren’t worth the price increase, with generic fast-food options and basically the same views as the above, cheaper Vista seats. So if you are going to spring for something better than the Grandstands, go with the Vista Level and buy one more round of beer and some extra snacks.

Clubs at Truist Park

For those of you with full wallets, Truist Park has a wide variety of upscale clubs that offer luxury, gourmet food, and other fancy perks. Exclusive groups include the Truist Club, INFINITI Club, and Delta Sky360° Club.

Where to Stay While Visiting Truist Park

My favorite way to travel to a baseball game is to stay as close to the stadium as possible and walk or take an Uber so I don’t have to fool with parking in a strange place. So many ballparks have great hotels within walking distance making it easy to stay nearby. 

I use Tripadvisor to find a hotel with good reviews near any ballpark. I prefer this option over any other because I actually search for the park I am visiting and Tripadvisor gives me hotels, restaurants, and other attractions near there. Truist Park is located in Atlanta and the city is packed with stuff to do and see.

Obviously, there are a lot of hotels in Atlanta, but I can search for Truist Park here and get the 10 closest hotels to Truist Park and then pick what I want based on ratings and prices. This saved me a lot of time and I didn’t end up getting ripped off on the price or end up in a sketchy place where I didn’t feel safe. 

Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta near Truist Park at Tripadvisor

Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta – image via

The closest hotels do not always come with the lowest cost but you get what you pay for when it comes to accommodations. Remember that you aren’t paying for parking or transportation.

The Omni Hotel at Battery Atlanta is right next to Truist Park. Whenever a hotel is right next to the park, you can’t beat the location. The pool is practically touching the outfield. Get a room with a view of Truist Park for a complete Braves experience.

Aloft Atlanta at the Battery is reasonably priced and is directly next to the ballpark so you can walk to the game and the shops, restaurants, and entertainment outside. Inside the hotel is a nice little bar and the guest rooms are comfortable.

Free Stuff at Truist Park

1. Braves History: find statues of great Braves players like John Smoltz and Hank Aaron inside and outside of the park, making for unique photo ops. Also enjoy the exhibits and displays commemorating important moments in Braves history scattered around the Promenade level. The Hank Aaron Terrace, above left field, shows off awesome memorabilia.

Memorabilia at Suntrust Park

The Braves Have a Lot of History to Pay Homage To!

There do appear to be a number of exhibits of Braves memorabilia through the Delta Club Levels as well, however these are available to limited ticket holders. Nonetheless, if you stick to the open promenades you’ll find plenty of Braves history for every visitor.

Memorabilia at Suntrust Park
Memorabilia at Suntrust Park

The Braves Put Their History on Display

2. Monument Garden: behind home plate, this garden highlights a number of great Braves’ men and moments. Exhibits cover everything from Hank Aaron’s talent to their newest championship. The centerpiece is a magnificent statue of Aaron, backed by a unique statue made of 755 bats, one for each Aaron home run.

3. Friday fireworks shows after the game!

4. Photo ops with life-sized bobbleheads throughout the park of former Braves players including Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and many more.

5. Like at many MLB parks, you can get a free non-alcoholic drink by participating in the Designated Driver program. Just head to the designated driver booth located on the Lower Level near the Coors Light Chop House restaurant for a free can of soda.

6. Batter’s Eye Fountain: Borrowing from the Rockies, the Braves now have their own little nature space behind the batter’s eye in center field. There is a waterfall, massive evergreens, boulders and more creating a natural landscape. The fountain in the middle of the pond shoots water when the Braves hit a homer.