Globe Life Park in Arlington Guide – Where to Park, Eat, and Get Cheap Tickets

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Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • Greene's Hill, which serves as the batter's eye, is the best place to snag a home run souvenir - if no one else scrambles to it first!
  • Behind Greene's Hill, find the statue of Nolan Ryan, the Rangers greatest champion and one-time owner.
  • Within a 5 minute drive of the park, check out the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium or have a wild time at Six Flags over Texas. Globe Life shares their parking lots.

Ways To Save Money


There aren't many transport options, so you will probably end up driving. Parking is expensive and a mess. Let Parking Panda take some of the stress out of it. Traffic will still happen though.


The cheap seats aren't too terrible, and it's pretty easy to move forward in later innings. Check out Seat Geek if you need a seat against the recent rivals, those Astros over in Houston. 


Food is PRICEY at this park, and so you'll want to think about bringing in your own food and drink if you are really pressed for cash. But also consider the All You Can Eat seats, which are a cool deal.

Not only is Texas home to the World Famous Square Cow Moovers, but it also plays home to the Texas Rangers. Globe Life Park is known for being a pitcher's nightmare, which usually translates into more fun for fans. The Rangers went to a couple of World Series', so tickets have definitely become more in demand as of late.

Panorama of Globe Life Park

Globe Life Park Features a Working Office Building Instead of a Skyline View - via Flickr user Daniel Betts

Arriving at a Rangers Game

Alternative/Public Transportation to Globe Life Park

There aren't public transportation options. 

Instead, you are dependent on shuttles, buses, and Uber. If you can get enough people together, or are going to a big game, try out Rally Bus. At least you're with other baseball fans.

One option are the free shuttles offered by certain hotels and restaurants in the area. Many different bars offer a free shuttle ride to the field incluidng Sherlock's Bar and Grill, J. Gilligan's Bar, Maverick's Sports Grill, Grease Monkey Burger Shop and Social Club, and even First United Methodist Church. 

If you are traveling from out of town to see the Rangers play you might be able to take advantage of the Arlington Entertainment District Trolley. If you stay at a participating hotel on the yellow or green lines (see the list here) you can hop aboard the Arlington Entertainment District Trolley and ride it to Globe Life Park. 

Yellow Trolley Route to Globe Life Park
Green Trolley Route to Globe Life Park

The Arlington Entertainment District Trolley Has Two Routes that Stop at Globe Life Park

Have I mentioned that it's hot there? Sometimes you do not want to deal with driving through traffic, and public transport options are sparse. Uber is a commonly used option at Globe Life Park, so much so that the park has a special reserved Uber space in Lot C Corolla. See the map below for the location. If you've never used Uber, get your first ride free.

Driving to Globe Life Park


One tip that I received is that you should plan on having a parking mess when the Cowboys are playing on the same day, or if there is a special event at Cowboy Stadium. Some of the parking overlaps and the traffic just becomes that much worse.

Besides the heat, Globe Life Park is being surrounded by construction that can make driving to the park a bit of a mess. The Ranger's website recommends checking in before you go to a game to see what roads are affected, but that is up to you.

You can find free parking at Globe Life Park. One such place is at Humperdinks, which is a restaurant on Six Flags Drive near the Interstate. Generally the traffic is manageable in this area, and you are able to get in and out easily which is important.

The restaurant is also a decent place to eat if you would like, you may feel better about using them for their ample free parking. You will have about a 10 minute walk from there to the stadium, which can be a hot walk if it is a mid-summer game. They also offer a shuttle.

One spot where you can usually score free parking when going to a Texas Rangers game is on Copeland Rd. This road is right off of I30, and there is some big retail and restaurant places such as Joes Crab Shack nearby. Its a big enough area that you can typically just park in the plaza lot and walk to the game.

Street Parking for Globe Life Park

Several Businesses on Copeland Rd. Offer Massive Lots and Are a Reasonable Walk Away

Finally, if you are a season pass holder to Six Flags, your pass likely includes free parking at their park. So you can pull into their lot and park on the side that is closest to the stadium, which will put you surprisingly close to Globe Life. Obviously, this strategy only works during times when Six Flags is open but it's a clever little trick. (Thanks to BallparkSavvy reader Ed for sharing)

Metered parking, if you can find it, is in affect until 7pm unless otherwise noted in Arlington. That means if you are hunting for a metered spot you should be prepared to bring some quarters to pay your way until 7:00. If you decide to park in one of the Rangers official lots it is going to set you back a bit over a tenner, but I think you have a couple of legitimate free parking options when going to Globe Life Park.

There are a wide variety of lots available around Globe Life Park. Some of these are shared with the nearby AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys) and Six Flags Over Texas (Screaming Children). These aren't cheap, and many aren't close. But as the Rangers say, "consider what is most important to you -- a quick trip between your parking space and the ballpark gates (park closer to ballpark) or quick arrival and departure from the parking lot (park closer to major roads)."

Rangers Parking for Globe Life Park

There Are Many Lots Nearby... But You May End Up Sharing with Other Events

One way to avoid some of the stress of parking around Globe Life Park is to utilize Parking Panda. You can buy your spot before the hot Texas air knocks you down, and then you can plan your escape route to get out of the area.

Food At & Near Globe Life Park

Save Money on Food

The Rangers have a pretty liberal policy on bringing your own food and drink. As long as that drink is in a sealed plastic bottle and is non-alcoholic of course. So instead of cursing the darkness of high concession prices, light a candle and bring your own food. 

The Texas Rangers have some pretty great ticket promotions lined up for fans. My personal favorite are the all you can eat seats at Globe Life Park. This is becoming a more popular idea at stadiums around the country, and as Americans we tend to love it. 

At the time that I am writing this, this is the first All you can Eat seats that I have whole-heartedly recommended. There are a couple of reasons that The Rangers All Inclusive seats stand out from the crowd.

Above average selection. Most stadiums only include hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn and soda; but Texas includes nachos and grilled chicken sandwiches as well, which give good variety.
The Food is served in an enclosed restaurant type area with AIR CONDITIONING. Your seats are still outside in the blazing heat, but hey - how nice is it when you can get into the A/C for just a few minutes. I think that gives this a club level type benefit that is especially useful in Texas.

Food You Shouldn't Miss at Globe Life Park

Globe Life Park would like you to remember that everything is bigger in Texas. I have never seen so many sandwiches priced over $25 a piece (The Wicked Pig at Smokehouse 557, the Boomstick at the Captain Morgan's Club, and the Beltre Buster at Ryan's Express). That is not how you save money. But there are some options that are not laughably expensive. 

1. Smokehouse 557 - In Vandergriff Plaza behind center field, find this home to juicy, smokey meats. The brisket sandwiches are the real deal - flavorful, drippy, down home Texas beef kissed by hickory. And... alright. It's not economically smart to get that Wicked Pig, but its layers of pulled pork, sausage, prosciutto, bacon, and ham call like a siren's song. What's that? It also features coleslaw and pork rinds, and is smothered in BBQ sauce and layered on Hawaiian bread? Split it between a couple of friends. But you'll wanna do it.

Wicked Pig at Globe Life Park

It's Not the Wicked Pig's Fault It's So Beautiful

2. The American Hot Dog Stand - I'm torn here. On the one hand, their regular Nolan Ryan dogs are tasty and great at their price points. But on the other hand, they do crazy things to hot dogs that make me feel guilty. Try their Sweet Spot dog, topped with cotton candy infused mustard and, well, cotton candy. Or check out the Flamin' Hot Cheetos dog, topped with... yeah. You get the picture. You can find these abominations near sections 22 and 48.

With the new ballpark opening for the Rangers with its debut use for the 2020 season, many new attractions and food options will be available for fans to enjoy! 

Delaware North Sportservice general manager Casey Rapp has given the public a few hints on new resturants and foods that will be available on the upper deck with a baseball themed food names. 

  • Throwing Smoke: The slow-cooked barbeque based concession will host rocking chairs out front to watch the game from. 
  • Abner Doubledogs: Extrinsically decorated hotdogs for every baseball fan to feel at home. 
  • High Cheese: A station serving a mess-free and mouth-watering entree for the fans who can't sit still during baseball games. 
  • Barrel Up: The adult beverage station for those who would rather sip on a mixed drink over a draft beer. 
Vegan Nachos at Globe Life Park

Enjoy Vegan Nachos! - via Dallas Vegan Roundup Facebook Page

Cheap Rangers Tickets

At this point, nearly every Major League team has some kind of variable pricing model where depending on how in-demand a game is, the ticket prices you'll pay at the gate may go up or down. 

Sometimes pricing varies from day to day, other times it is a more formal "tiered" structure where when they are playing a big draw team like the Yankees, you'll pay a premium price compared to a perennial ​bottom-dweller who might be in the "budget tier."

So rather than focusing on specific prices and sections which tend to change fairly often, I want to talk about general rules and strategies for getting the best deals on tickets. ​

1. Compare 3rd Party Sites

SeatGeek is a big time ticket comparison site that lets you compare a bunch of different ticket brokers, marketplaces, etc. and find the best price for the game you want to go to. They also have a tool that projects whether ticket prices will go up or down - AKA whether you should buy now or wait. 

Open Seats at Globe Life Park

You Can Usually Move Forward Since Most Upper Sections Don't Fill - via Flickr user HyunJae Park

2. Buy Last Minute

If you've bought tickets online before, you've heard of StubHub. What you may not know however is that with the rise of print-at-home and tickets on your mobile phone via the Ballpark App that you can usually buy tickets right up to a couple of hours before game time. 

Save $5 On Last Minute Tickets: I recently learned about the Gametime app and it’s legit. Save BIG on last minute tickets. Click here to get the app and you’ll get $5 off your first order.

As someone who has sold a fair share of tickets on StubHub, I also know that sellers are encouraged to set a declining price for their tickets. This means they'll set a starting price and then their lowest acceptable price, and StubHub will auto-magically lower the price of those tickets as the event date gets closer. 

So in many cases, a game that isn't sold out will have plenty of below face value deals on StubHub that you can snatch at the last minute and then either print at home, or just use the App on your phone to get scanned into the game. 

3. Avoid Craigslist

It's not to say that you can't find ticket deals on Craigslist, you can. It is just more of a peace of mind, safety issue. I'm a Craigslist kind of guy, but I also know it's easy to get screwed buying baseball tickets there. 

Remember when I mentioned selling on StubHub? When you list tickets there, all you need to know is the barcode number from that ticket along with the other details on section, row, etc. - So when I sell tickets I never mail them to the buyer, they just print them at home and my actual tickets become void. 

If I was a shady character, I could go sell those void tickets to an unsuspecting buyer on Craigslist for cash. The tickets look real, they are "real" in a sense - but what that buyer will find out is when they go to enter the stadium, the ticket scanner will say "thou shalt not enter thy game." 

Don't be that buyer. 

Stick to buying tickets from SeatGeek, StubHub, or directly from the team. You can still get deals and you never have to worry about being scammed. 

Best Value Seats at Globe Life

Military servicemen, veterans, and first responders can purchase discounted tickets on the Rangers website.

Also on the ticket special pages, the Rangers usually feature a family pack, where you get discounted tickets and food for 1 set price. Honestly if you are taking a family of 4, these deals are hard to pass up. Typically the price of the tickets is already below face value, and on top of that you get vouchers for hot dogs and Cokes - not bad. Check the ticket special page for more information, as the coupon code changes from time to time

If you are going at any other time, do yourself a favor and sit in the shade. Most seats behind the outfield wall in right are under an overhang which will keep you out of the sun most of the time. This is especially helpful for a day game. For a night game, right field/first baseline seats are your best bet. If you sit in the outfield bleachers you will more than likely find the heat to be unbearable.

High Seats at Globe Life Park

Upper Deck Seats Offer a Good View, Especially of Greene's Hill - via Flickr user Rich Anderson

The cheapest seats available are about the price of a beer, and these are the outer 5 sections of the upper deck. Honestly they aren't that bad of seats. You have a pretty nice view of the entire field, and if in right field you will most likely be in the shade for most of the game. If you get a chance, ask for the first couple of rows in that section. If you can sit row A of 341 for instance, these are a few bucks well spent.

Another thing about Globe Life Park is you usually can move down without much of an issue (depending on the crowd!). So buying the cheap seats and 'upgrading' yourself isn't too difficult if you are comfortable with that.

Where to Stay While Visiting Globe Life Park

My favorite way to travel to a baseball game is to stay as close to the stadium as possible and walk, or take Uber so I don't have to fool with parking in a strange place. 

AirBnB is the best way to find a really cool house or apartment to rent so you can hang out with your friends/family before the game and get a more authentic local experience.

Not only is it cooler than a hotel, but you can save $35 on your first stay by using my referral link.​

AirBnB at Globe Life Park

Arlington and Dallas Offer Many Fun Party Options on AirBnb

There are 2 types of rentals - those where you rent a private room and stay with a host and those where you rent out the whole place. I've done both, and you'll have some peace of mind about the people you rent from because of the review system they have for the hosts - so you have a high degree of confidence that you won't end up on the bad side of a future Dateline NBC episode. 

Obviously places come and go on the site, but I've used AirBnB a number of times for sports road trips and it's become my default option when I'm traveling. Click the button below to save $35 on your first trip and see what kind of cool places are currently available near the ballpark:

Free Stuff at Globe Life Park

1. Vandergriff Plaza - near the center field berm behind Greene's Hill, this area named after a local politician hosts a number of fun activities for kids. Check out the Wiffle Ball field, pitching games, and tee-ball cages. There are also some odd statues of local businessmen, but ignore them while enjoying some ice cream or a drink at the sports bar if the kids get to be too much. Make sure to tip your hat to Nolan Ryan's statue, cap frozen in salute to the fans.

Nolan Ryan Statue at Globe Life Park

Nolan Ryan Salutes Fans From the Plaza - via IGN user andrew342678

2. Hall of Fame - like many parks, Globe Life offers visitors a review of the great history of the home team. This three-level museum by right field hosts exhibits on major Ranger heroes like Charlie Hough, Ferguson Jenkins, Buddy Bell, Tom Grieve, and the incomparable Nolan Ryan.

3. Walk of Fame - Outside of the park, along the north and west sides, are plaques and markers commemorating notable players, awards, and rosters of the Rangers since 1972, when the Senators moved to Texas.